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Finished up this Charmander yesterday. Squirtle’s up next.

I skipped showing the flat colors part and went straight to the finish. I hope you didn’t mind 


Here’s the inks!

I’ve been working on a whole lot of Pokemon stuff this weekend. Here’s a Pikachu work in progress sketch. I’ll be showing off my lines, color flats and full colors today.

Here’s a little work in progress of my next design. I’m really digging Babs’ new outfit.

My name is Jerry Nowlin, and I am from the future, or at least an 80s version of it.

All my designs are on sale over at Teepublic. Everything is $14 for the rest of the week. Tell your friends, tell your family, your dog and that weird dude, You know the guy I’m talking about.

Check it out:

Congrats to @caitlynsknight for winning the Pika-Print contest. Send your mailing address to and I’ll send your #pikachu print ASAP.


Also,  Beard Misty cosplay is kinda awesome.

I present my ultimate Miami Vice like douchey self portrait. 

This is my first real attempt at a digital painting. Everything else before this have just been studies and practice. I hope to be doing more soon.


Pika-Power - Submitted by Jerry Nowlin

On sale now at TeeFury for $11 for the next 24 hours!

Another little reminder.

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