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Here’s a copic marker sketch. Mr J. Wants you to put on a happy face! 

Hey it’s Groot, and he’s Groovy, or is it Grooty. I dunno. Anyway.. "Groovy Groot" will be on sale for the next full week for $12


I’ve got a contest going on too. Like, comment, reblog and all that for a chance to win a free print. Good Luck

I loved the movie and now I finally gave into doing a Guardians design. Here’s the lines.

EDIT:  I managed to finish up the design. I had to ditch the cord spelling his name because I just couldn’t make it work the way I wanted. My wifey came up with the idea to put Groovy on the image, but mark the “V” out somehow. I loved it, and went with it. I hope you like it.

If your interested in this design on a shirt, I’ve got it for sale at my store.



Go Ninja Go Ninja Go by Frank Macchia  / Tumblr

*spins arms enthusiastically*

Hey Everybody! Here’s me and my wifey’s table at River City Comic Expo. 

This was a big one for me, because this was my very first convention. I really had a blast. I got to meet some awesome fans and great artists. I’ll be posting some more about it later.

My kiddo was inspired and did her own. I love em. #adorable

My very first business card. They’re good for conjuring Deadites, and me I guess. :D

#art #illustration #evildead #armyofdarkness #brucecampbell


Art can actually be a beautiful way to pay tribute to death, there’s no wrong way to grieve, and there’s validity in being sad over people you’ve never even met.

But to any artists out there, I encourage you to simply ask yourself honestly if within hours of discovering someone dying, and you’re…

Here’s Harley!
I’ll be adding the writing on the blackboard later. This sketch was inspired by a cosplayer called Ryoko Demon.

#art #illustration #harleyquinn #comics #dc #batman

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. I’ve been super busy getting ready for my very first convention. I’m super excited. Anywho, I’m doing a but load of marker sketches. Here’s Mr J, inspired by the Arkham games.

#art #illustration #comics #dc #joker #batman

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